Monday, August 11, 2008

Unleash your creativity!

with all the "back-to-school" shopping, it made me remember......

Remember Crayola crayons? I always envied the kid who had the 64-crayon box with the built-in sharpener. I just had the smaller box... no sharpener.... but I always so wanted the larger box.
I also remember hating once my crayons got dull... you'd peel back the paper and make do but you always wished you had the pack with the sharpener.... I hated dull crayons, and I still hate dull pencils... that's why I always use mechanical pencils now... always sharp

I hear so many people say "oh, I'm not creative".... I don't believe that! Everyone is creative... maybe just in different ways. Perhaps you can't draw... I can't either! But I can create amazing abstract paintings....( or so says my mother!)

If you don't have the time... or the desire... that's one thing.. but it really doesn't matter - you ARE creative! We were all born that way it's just that sometimes it gets stifled! GO FOR IT! Unleash your own personal creativity - whatever that it to you - with reckless abandon.

Go back to that feeling you had when you got your new box of crayons (even if they weren't the 64-pack)
You (if you felt like me at all) were so excited and your mind was full of possibilities! Go back to that.... grab some crayons and create something. It feels wonderful!

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Terri Harper - Artist, Photographer said...

Yeah, me too, I always wanted the bigger box of 64 crayons. And they do look so pretty brand new, I hate when they get worn down and broken, but they still do their job. I love art supplies period. When I'm around them in a store, I'm like a kid in a candy shop!!!
I want them all.....As hard as it can be sometimes, I wouldn't trade being an artist for anything, I can't imagine not being is my life essence!