Tuesday, August 5, 2008

terrible twos - a year early?

oh my.... I can't even imagine what will happen when this child turns two! I love my little grandbug with all my heart and soul, don't get me wrong... but lately I am also sooooo glad to take him back home. I'm exhausted!!!

Now that he's started walking, he thinks it's just so cool to explore everything. I only had him for 6 hours today and my little apartment looks like a tornado just went through. First, upon waking from his nap, he was able to reach the A&D ointment.... hence a greasy mess.... ok, I changed his clothes and cleaned him up, no big deal.

While I was cleaning up the goopy mess in the bedroom... he headed for the bathroom...ok.... still not a big deal.... while I was cleaning that mess up... he headed for the kitchen cupboards.... hell, I just let him play pick-up-sticks for awhile before cleaning that mess.
then he discovered how to open a jar of peanut butter...... no pictures here - I didn't even want to touch my camera once I got that jar away!!
So.... a bath and another change of clothes...... while I was washing everything he touched he decided to climb into the cupboards again!.....then he was coming after my camera!!!! OH NO!! that's when I put the camera away and took him outside for the next two hours before taking him home.... now I realize why they build playgrounds... to keep people's houses intact!!

He's a really good little boy - a great disposition - always smiling and sweet as can be... but OMG!!!! I need wine.... I need sleep.... I need someone to come over and clean this mess up! (I didn't even take photos of the cookie crumb filled sofa, or the empty cupboards in the dining room) Why do I bother having a toy cupboard??? It's the only thing in my apartment that hasn't been touched.


Gretchen said...

You need wine, sleep, and CHILDPROOF LOCKS. I'm not the Lock Nazi, but if he's that good at getting into things like ointment and peanut butter, he's perfectly capable of downing a couple shots of Windex before you can catch him. Seriously, they're not difficult to install - we've even done temporary ones made of rubber bands and duct tape - and they make it WAAAY easier to keep the little ones out of trouble, even if they're only visiting once in a while.

Terri Harper - Artist, Photographer said...

This is hysterical.....they do get into things...maybe the CHILDPROOF LOCKS are a good idea, well at least on the poisons. On the other hand, If he can't get hurt or break anything then maybe it helps keep him occupied, you'll just be cleaning up lots of messes....and needing lots of wine...LOL.....I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing with you....I've been through it....Oh one time when my daughter was about a year and a half, she got in the Desiten cream, similar to A & D ointment, it was on her mouth, talk about being scared, we don't know if she ingested any, but I did call the poison center, don't remember what they said but it helped give me peace of mind.

Terri Harper - Artist, Photographer said...

...forgot to add, my grandson, which you know is now 8, also got into things not so long ago, I somehow got through it, actually some of the times it was a good opportunity to make him help clean up and/or learn how to put things back, depending on his attention span at the time. Of course now that he is older, he gets into different kinds of things, (when your grandbug gets older, don't let him alone by your computer) ...LOL....but for the most part....he makes me laugh a lot....and when he goes home, I'm really tired and still need a few glasses of wine...ha ha