Thursday, July 10, 2008

wow... God types really fast!

ok... you can repent here

Ok.. have you heard of this yet? ... am I that last one to know?

iGod.... it's an interactive chat box where you can repent to 'god'. Apparently a chat bot written by Steve Jobs.

It's not very creative really and it lacks some proper grammatical skills but it is entertaining! And a little addictive!

I felt like I was in a "who's on first" skit~!

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Patricia Griffin said...

Well, I hadn't seen this before. Interesting!

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog!

I love your work. Went to the Etsy Shop and now have the Silver Drip earrings on my wish list for the next time I want to give myself a present! (Well, I want to all the time... It's more like when I can justify the self-indulgence!) Really like the shiny silver with the matte rustic look of the hardware. Very cool.