Saturday, July 12, 2008

A to Z favorites..... O

Today we're on the letter "O"... as in OH.. I want that!!!

Ones and Zeros... home of the "Lunch Monsters!"
These are the cutest things! I can't wait to get mine... I just ordered it on Thursday...

Lunch Monster "picnic" photo is by photographer Jessica Notargiacomo
You can get your own Lunch Monster here at Ones and Zeros Etsy shop! They're all handmade and 100% cotton.

"OCHRE creates objects of style and beauty which are both timeless and contemporary. The collection consists of furniture, lighting and accessories for the interior, the emphasis being on the use of very high quality materials and flawless British craftsmanship. The simplicity and honesty of form and proportion, together with the luxurious materials result in an understated elegance, which has become the signature for OCHRE"

just look at some of their fabulous offerings!!!

Snooze sofa - snooze sofa in elephant grey nubuck and velvetArctic Pear table lamp

this amazing mirror

and fabulous silver leaf panel which can be found here.
orangetreeproject ...established as a non-profit (pending) the orangetreeproject donates the bulk of its profits to charitable causes. Their goal? To promote hope and faith in less fortunate families and make a positive impact on those who purchase their products... right now they have only stationary ~ which is positively gorgeous~ but soon they will also have apparel and home items~

Oversized Open Top Tote

I love this! I'd probably use it as a market bag - so stylish and practical too!!
"While the people who designed this nifty tote call it “The Original Deano”; the SpoonSisters simply refer to it as their favorite Oversized Open Top Tote.
Find it here.


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Callooh Callay said...

Wonderful finds! I especially like the pear lamp