Tuesday, July 15, 2008

... and the rains came....

Now I'm not sure of the actual numbers, but we've had so much rain here! I, of course, blame my neighbor - and partner in organic-gardening-crime... When we first started our little garden, she prayed for rain.....well someone is listening!!!
For those of you who saw my first post about our happy little garden.... I just thought I'd let you know- this is what has been happening...
poor baby garden... we had such high hopes for you!
green lettuce = good
1 red = good, 1 - on the verge
tomato plants - all on the verge
thyme, basil, sage = good
peppers - questionable
onions -so/so
cauliflower, cucumbers, other red lettuces, parsley, cilantro - total goners... :(
this is what the garden looked like sunday night at 8pm
My partner in crime spent her Saturday with a garden weasel... the soil looked great, all built up and fluffy...but then came the torrential downpour while she was finishing....
Sunday was beautiful. a little rain in the a.m. but all warm and sunny all day - and still we got this!

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Quirky said...

Poor dear...well, on one hand it's good to have rain but the way it flooded your garden -.-"

I'm praying for fair weather for you from here then *winks*