Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A to Z favorites... N

today is the Letter N

let's start with NaomiClearyCeramics...
from Fishtown, PA (near Philly), Naomi Cleary creates beautiful, functional works of art... here's what she has to say...
"Dishes hold the potential for human connection through their tactile nature. Most of us have associations and memories connected to dishes. We look at dishes and can easily imagine using them. They live in our physical space, in our kitchen cabinets, are used every day. They have a relationship to our bodies. We pick them up and even touch them to our mouths. Dishes speak of history and lineage, passed down from mother to daughter, connected to family dinners, celebrations and sharing. They are a reminder of the warmth and comfort found in domestic spaces."

find these casserole dishes hereor this round porcelain vase here

Beautiful work! I especially love the way she 'colors outside the lines' - sort of makes a statement, no? I want a coffee mug just like those casserole dishes... and it could remind me every morning that it's OK ~ hell, even preferable ~ to stretch beyond the normal limits...

for all of you typography lovers... the Number Scarf.... looks like lace, doesn't it? It's made from Microfiber Suede and comes in off-white and black (also in letters! uppercase or lowercase) find it at Little Factory - here.

I love to cook... but I still struggle with getting just the right amount of pasta cooked for the guests sitting at my table. Thanks to German Design studio, ding3000, the answer to my noodle problems has been solved.

Noooodle is a device designed for measuring spaghetti portions. Noooodle allows you to measure off just the right amount of spaghetti from one to up to four people. The design can also be used as a trivet (gotta love those multi-functional things!)
Konstantin Slawinski of ding3000 is responsible for manufacturing Noooodle.

NOIR - the woven market bag.....
Sweet sophistication meets environmental awareness! Woven seat belts provide beautiful texture and interest to this sophisticated urban bag. The seat belts are post production guality (overruns, off colored, and otherwise unusable for the auto industry) so, they've found new life and usefulness in this great bag.

Find it (and lots of other great stuff!) here.


Moxie said...

I'm torn between the scarf and that noodle measurer, which would come in handy more then you know.
Great blog!

Patricia Griffin said...

Thanks for sharing Naomi Cleary's work!