Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A to Z favorites.... "P"

Today I'm featuring things that begin with the letter "P"

Paisley Dream
Polka Dot halter dress!

When I originally found these I never even realized that they were created by the same person!

Aren't they fabulous???

They're the creations of a very talented Canadian designer on Etsy called Tangente.
Find these here.

(along with many other beautiful things!!!)

perbacco... a simply perfect corkscrew.....

Further to the aesthetic aspect, the peculiarity of “perBACCO” is good functionality: by pushing on the shoulder of the bottle it becomes one body with it. The circular shape allows to maintain a good adherence and stability during the extraction.
The peculiar circular shape reminds a halo, and gives to the bottle and consequently to the wine an expression of virtue, dowry and prestige. Found via DesignSpotter

Publiqe Living - PopMat Paper Placemats (how's that for alliteration?)

A charming addition to your table setting in the form of pop-up graphics on disposable paper placemats.
Each design incorporates an area which doubles as a name card, as in the back of the chair, the mailbox, and the sign post. In packs of 10, available in 3 designs and 2 color options, White Sand and Natural Kraft. Made from 100% recycled paper... find them here.

Pontopidan oil candle

Pontopidan oil candle is something between a candle and an oil lamp, made in shiny polished steel. It has the charm and warmth of a candle but the security and reuse of an oil lamp – it neither drips nor burns down! Attach the enclosed mounting to the wall and place the magnetic oil candle on the mounting. The candle has a smart and easy mechanism for oil filling.

found via Scandinavian Design Center

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