Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A to Z favorites...... M

M is for.....

Mary Gamelin... her love of fabrics certainly shows in these beautiful pillow covers she makes...
find her shop here.

My Grill ...
How fun is this???
Design your own Steak!

Impress your friends with transferring your own logo or name onto your barbecue-meat.

They can produce any logo or symbol that you want!

Found here on Design Spotter... can also be found (along with a bunch of other cool stuff) here.
Designer: Hannes freising (Germany) Manufacturer: (Germany)

Matchstick Gardens!

Grow an herb or wildflower garden from a matchbook. Great design at a really great price!
These cute matchbooks hold a clever secret inside. Tear out a matchstick, plant it tip first in soil and you’ll soon have a flower or herb garden growing. On the tip of each match are seeds already mixed to grow either herbs or wildflowers.
Find them here

maggi’s minimalist oak desk... I so want to make this...
check it out! It's a DIY project found on Design*Sponge.
Find the instructions here.

The Meaning of Time is a brilliant clock concept perfect for all those crafty people out there. You can make your own clock~

It supplies the mechanism to keep time, you supply the hour and minute hands. You can use just about anything as long as it fits thru the holes.

...still, it's just a "concept" we can't actually buy these yet, but it's such a cool idea! You could change it all the time! (pun intended)
Designer: Bomi Kim

found via Yanko Design

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