Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A to Z favorites...... K

K is for......

in her own words.....
I like color.
I like biology.
I like graffiti.
I like kitsch.
I like pattern.
I like depth and layers....
I like blending these concepts in my work.

And, most of all, I like the idea of others living with my art!
simply beautiful.... find them here.

Kreativlink......just imagine what you could write in this book... perhaps little life stories to be discovered years and years from now, beautifully preserved in this handmade, leather-bound treasure. Hand-torn, tea-stained pages make this a beautiful legacy to be cherished forever.
just seeing one of these skillfully bound books makes me want to be a writer.... find them here.
Kitchen stickers! (don't you just LOVE that fridge????)
according to their website,

"Yneko's stickers aim to combine usefulness and playfulness, to give the opportunity to anyone "to play the interior designer" by applying an original customised touch to our living space. The idea is to customise our everyday space by using something that we all have played with, at least once ..and maybe once upon a time ago ..the stickers!

The stickers are available in several designs, for the decoration needs of the entire house. ..And it is not all about decoration! By trying to meet the needs of today's hectic life-style, the stickers provide both a creative and an edgy solution for forgetful people
too. Too many drawers? Have you forgot your fork? We've got the practical sticker solution... for fun & find! So... spruce up your kitchen! The room that's the star of the house is no longer willing to settle for being just a functional space! They'll bring to your room an original touch, helping you find all stuffs! "

find them here.

Kast van een Huis.... The collection is designed as multipurpose furniture.The closets are designed as a storage for clothes, toys, books, crockery or even for office-equipment. If you place several models next to each other you create a street of closets or a room-divider.
What wonderfully lucky child wouldn't just adore these???

find them here.

Knife Hooks ... by tcstudio
found on DesignSpotter a bit odd... but so me... :)

KONZUK jewelry, with its innovative use of materials, is faithful to the clean, minimalist aesthetic of contemporary industrial design and architecture.

find it here.

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