Monday, June 23, 2008

so many endings... :(

I don't know what it is lately but there are so many things changing... so many things coming to an end... I don't deal with change very well and it seems as though I keep getting a chance to practice at dealing with it on a regular basis.

Last week one of my favorites blogs shut down... tastespotting - it looks like someone else may take it over - but it won't be the same.

Also last week, one of the galleries that carries my work has made the decision to close her doors. Simple Expressions in Olmsted Falls. Frances (the owner) has a wonderful opportunity that she is really excited about, working with children - so YAY for her! but this fabulous little gallery and coffee shop will be missed.

And last, but certainly not least, - Carol Emma - one of my favorite people - has decided to pack up her blog. This one has me feeling particularly sad.... I've been trying to think of what I could possibly say to salute this particular 'ending' but the words just aren't there....

I adore this woman.. I aspire to be this woman... I love living vicariously through her writings about her quaint home in the mountains, her tales of the local characters: torn between two plumbers and Plumber #1 to the rescue ... her wisdom in jewelry wholesaling....

We seem to have kindred spirits, her and I. It is very odd to find someone so much like yourself and yet have never met. Our lives seem parallel... she makes jewelry too - you can see her beautiful creations here.

I will miss that glimpse into her daily life that I find so comforting. I will miss these photographs ....

this last one is my favorite......
Carol, have you ever thought of selling your photography?
I will sorely miss this blog... I will miss my friend... perhaps some day I will travel out west and I will see my friend and shake her hand.

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Carol Emma said...

OhhhhhNooooo....Is my comment really gone?
I wrote a long one - very long - too long probably - and I previewed it - did I delete it? Did you (to keep it private between just you and me?)

It went something like: You sweet, wonderful woman, thank you, thank you for this lovely post and when you come to Colorado, there will be hugs, not handshakes.