Sunday, June 8, 2008

A to Z favorites... beginning with I

"our floral designs are described as modern, fresh, eclectic, gorgeous,
and always unique - reflecting your personal style"

Truly beautiful .... I've never seen a florist that uses such interesting things in such a unique way...

They even use vegetables, fruits, and such amazing greens!

Too bad they're in Oregon.... they have a fabulous lifetyle store that along with the floral design, combines new and vintage home decor... check them out here.

Info Bungalow....
no fancy stuff.. no pictures.. no funny stuff, but lots of great information on soooo many different topics! worth a look at!

INV/ALT design
is a product design and ceramic production studio based in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Angela Schwab specializes in INVention of new forms through ALTeration of existing objects in order to enhance the way people can use and interact with everyday functional products.

find them here.... or here.

Interrobang .... an independant clothing company located in Australia.

My favorite thing she makes is a bag made of recycled seatbelts! GO GREEN!

Because of the nature of the seatbelt material, this bag is incredibly strong.

.... a great addition to any outfit in basic black it is timeless for day and night, and the material also makes it a great conversation piece...

find them here.

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