Saturday, June 28, 2008

A to Z favorites..... "L"

The Leila Texts.... leila gets lots of text messages from strangers on her mobile phone. she got a new cell from the American network - Verizon and just started getting messages.

She thought the phone had been programmed wrong — that it was accidentally linked to someone else’s number — but apparently not.

The texts kept arriving from all over the states. Leila realised that they were not directed to one other random person, but that she was getting every text meant for a "leila" on the verizon network — so long as the sender used the keypad to type in her name, instead of calling it up from the address book she gets at least one unintended text a day and records them here. the leila texts. cool!

Jennifer Lommers
Jennifer Lommers is a fine artist from the Pacific Northwest. I love her vibrant colors and playful style!
these are the ones I have in my apartment......

find Jennifer Lommers here and here and her blog is here.

Looolo uses all organic materials and has a watchful eye over the environmental footprint their products leave. LoooLo sources the best organic fibers, dyes with the least environmental footprint and manufacturers who respect the philosophy behind the products. All looolo textiles products can be safely composted at the end of their useful life.
Made from a beautifully soft organic Melton wool, the Madame's texture was inspired by a refined Parisian dress. No zippers or other non-biodegradable closures are used on the cushions so they will biodegrade within one year when placed in a composter—don't worry. they will last for years to come! ... photos courtesy of

Live Funky ...
and on the other side of the country (Northern Connecticut) we have Live Funky by Jessica Torrant

who doesn't want to "live funky"??

In her own words...

Standing up art is intuitive (livefunky), unpredictable, energetic and intense, with an exploration for new ways of manipulating paint/form/color - never to be reproduced in that exact way again. This is when I paint ever so physically - I truly attempt to make paint dance.

I am a believer in loving art just because it moves you. (LiveFunky)
Well these move me....
You can read her blog here. ...and find her artwork here
pssst... she's having a sale!!!!

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