Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A to Z today is all about C

is for.....

Copper rivet series necklace
by Timothy Adams

a self taught metal artist.... because, "Everyone needs a little metal in their life."

a steal at only $35! ...he has lots of other very cool stuff too... check it out here

Campfire Goods, Inc. …Good Typography, Good Design, and Good Humor! ... (and as far as I can tell.... nothing to do with camping! Except perhaps that the T's are a little "campy"!)
...three graphic designers/illustrators/printmakers who are looking to spread state and city pride worldwide! They have great typographic t's too - check them out here. Very reasonable prices too!

Chimo fireplace... is this the coolest fireplace or what? I want this!
It mounts on any wall with no need for a chimney, gas line or professional installation. Enjoy a fabulous fireplace anywhere!

The secret is that the flame is generated from Ethanol which is a safe, clean burning fuel that is completely organic and made from renewable resources like corn, potatoes, wheat and other vegetables.
Furthermore, Ethanol is green since it is not a fossil-fuel and burning it does not increase the greenhouse effect like other fuels.
You can find it here.
Comfort Food... I love cheese fondue... and I've made mine from scratch in the past, but quite frankly - this is better! and sooo quick and easy.. and so tasty! Some good, crusty bread, a little wine .... oh now I'd love to have some of this while sitting by that fireplace!
Cities wall decorations....
aren't these cool? I love words... fonts....typography.... I love the clean lines of these have too. They're by Granada Design®and you can find them here!

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LazyTcrochet said...

Cool necklace. I love that fireplace too!