Thursday, May 22, 2008

A to Z Favorites... today it's "F"

F is for.....

Function Tiles not a new design... in fact, you can't even get them anymore! But why? It's a fabulous idea!!!.... could someone please manufacture these again? That would be a great idea.... the concept is brilliant!! (That is, getting more out of your shower or bathroom with limited space.)... or for people like me who just HATE clutter!
I hate having the silly tissue box sitting on my bathroom counter or the top of the toilet tank. Messy, messy, messy.

Frank... a fabulous sofa found at Verzelloni... A very comfortable model, with a high backrests and rigorous and stylish line. This collection comprises an armchair, “Love Seat” armchair, four different sizes of sofas and four different poufs. The cover can be entirely and easily taken off. It reminds me so much of the space my late husband and I lived in... we had this fabulous industrial loft space wtih walls just like this! 3000 sq. ft of open space - pure heaven! We had a sofa similiar to this one - only it was tan. Oddly enough, my late husband's name was Frank! odd, no?

Flakes.... on this site you can actually design your own furniture! (With this tool you will be able to on-line, in 3D, build you own customized FLAKES chair or table in 3D. )

Pretty cool!

Finger Puppets ... by Stacey Rebecca

In her words.... Stacey is "a wife and mama to two wonderful guys. One of those guys is only 4 and the most amazing 4 year old I've met. & I've met a lot of 4 year olds. The other one is my husband. He's the most amazing husband I've ever met.For almost 6 years, I was a puppet designer, builder, and performer with Elastic Theater. After the group dissipated, two members re-formed to make Die Puppet Die. I am one of those two members.I've been showing my work in galleries & art spaces for a couple of years now. My finger puppets have a seemingly permanent home at The Trunk Space Art Gallery in Phoenix"
FREE STUFF~ !!! Have you checked out my links on the right sidebar??? Lots of free stuff to be found... I swear I get stuff in my mailbox 3-4x each week just by doing this... everything from toothpaste, to shoe polish, to snacks!! I only list the ones that aren't "hokey" and actually send you what they say they will without a lot of b.s. Try it! It's fun to get free stuff!!

Flowering Dogwood Soap
from Karen's Soaps.....
This 4oz black and white polka-dotted soap bar is lightly scented with a Flowering Dogwood fragrance oil.

This fragrance is a sweet floral blend of violets, jasmine, and plumeria with hints of soft musk and sandalwood.

It is made with a vegetable based glycerin soap with added Vitamin E for extra softness. You'll get a great lather.

Smells great, works well, looks cool!

She also makes these "fish-in-a-bag" soaps that are just too cute...
...they remind me of summer carnivals... only Mom doesn't have to feed it or remember to change the water!

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