Saturday, May 24, 2008

I wanna be invisible too!!

ok... I was on Ebay today... I found this


No Lies! Become 100% invisible!

The Secret of Invisibility is an amazing book that renders you completely invisible.
This method is currently used by the CIA and foreign intelligence agencies.

Don't Scoff! You CAN go anywhere without being seen.
You're invisible to
all you meet... NOT EVEN A SHADOW.
This works even when you're completely
surrounded by
cameras or people.
Lets you vanish & reappear as you
wish, wherever you may be!
-- Kept secret for thousands of years

Ok.... so who's going to buy this and tell us all the results?????

Any takers?????

I'm darn curious, but not willing to shell out the $24.95 to find out..... on the title "become invisible" to be taken to the ebay auction...

1 comment:

Carol Emma said...

I'm curious enough to pay $5.
If you ARE invisible, how do you know ?
Because, seriously, I think I AM invisible on Etsy - LOL!