Sunday, November 23, 2008

prayer vials....

as promised a couple days ago...

Introducing... 'prayer vials'

a simple word of guidance handwritten in sanskrit and captured in a tiny glass vial. The vial in just over 1" long (including the cap) and 1/4" wide. It dangles from an 18" thin, sterling silver ball chain.

Each one will come in a gift box - wrapped up in a ribbon - with a little card elaborating on the word chosen.

words I have so far...
acceptance, hope, prosperity, strength, grace, wisdom, goodness, integrity, love, respect, truth, faith, courage.

I can also try (within reason) to do custom words - but bear in mind that the space is quite small, so multiple words may not fit.

have other word suggestions? I'd love to hear them!!
you can find them here

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capitolagirl said...

Those are really nice, and I love the uniqueness of your idea!