Monday, November 10, 2008

only 45 days~!

that's right folks! Only 45 days til Christmas!

to help you all with your Christmas shopping, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING to anyone, anywhere, that purchases from my Etsy shop... from now until December 10th.

That's 30 days of free shipping!

- I'm only offering this to people who read my blog -so..... and this is important - you must let me know when you order, that you want FREE SHIPPING - and that you read it on my blog.

(when you go to checkout, there is a place where you can write in "notes to seller" just put it in there - nothing fancy - just say free shipping per blog -or something)

so now go ahead and shop!! HERE

1 comment:

Vineyard Painter said...

45 days to Christmas?...Oh my...
I keep telling myself there's plenty of time but I hadn't counted the days. Very best wishes to your shop during the Holidays!! Etsy Love, ZenGarden