Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There's only 30 days until Christmas!! I'm way behind on making my gifts this year... as always... yes... I am making most of my gifts this year - and not jewelry either!! I think my family is getting pretty tired of getting jewelry.

Between making gifts and shopping online (the best way to shop) - I really won't have to go to the mall - thank goodness!!

Although I am going to the mall this Friday... crazy? Not me!... my daughter is taking my little grandbug to get his picture with Santa and I want to be there. (you won't catch me shopping though.... ) Now that my grandbug's a whopping 18 months old, he might actually get into the spirit a little and I want to see his expressive little face when he sees all the decorations... and Santa!

I think I might actually put up a tree this year...
just a reminder... there's still plenty of time to shop online... like in my Etsy shop for instance???
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