Wednesday, April 9, 2008

hmmmm.... comfort food

I don't know if any of you check out the links to the other blogs I read frequently but here's one you won't want to miss.

Tastespotting has mouthwatering photos and up until now, all I've done is drool over the photos.

Today, however, I tried to make something... taking a quick inventory of my almost bare cupboards and refrigerator I decided on the Leek and potato gratin - according to Tastespotting, it's "lovely comfort food with minimal cooking."

Sounded perfect... and I only needed to buy a couple things - so I walked up to my local Nature's Bin (I love that store)... got the leek and cream... and couldn't wait to try this!

Every amazing photo on Tastespotting is a link to where the recipe can be found.. this one in particular is on Soy and Pepper which now, of course, is another blog I'll be stalking!

So.. how did my creation turn out?? (if you're expecting a photo here, forget it)

OMG! Fabulous!!

I cooked mine a little longer... because I like the top to be browned nicely and a little crispy. hmmmmm so good. I didn't take a photo of mine... I dug into it too fast! And to be totally truthful, it didn't look nearly as nice as the one in the photo but it tasted (yes, past tense... this was my lunch and my dinner) amazing.

I think this weekend I'll try this...

Crispy sage and brown butter pasta from Technicolor Kitchen

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Terri Harper - Artist, Photographer said...

I love Nature's Bin too, although I haven't been there for at least a few years. I also like Wild Oats on the east side (never make a special trip) only go when I'm there for something else. Yummy, potato thing sounds gooooood! Did you get my email about how good your chicken casserole was?