Friday, April 25, 2008

Got tattoos? Got regret?

About 50 percent of those who get tattoos later regret them.

For many, they are a way of expression.... an important rite, and a source of deep pride among other things. Just think twice before you do something stupid, no matter how good it may sound at the time.

And perhaps more importantly think twice about who you have perform this permanent work of art (?) on you.

sidenote: Yes... I have a tattoo... and maybe one that I should have thought twice about - but I think I'm ok with mine..... especially after hearing this! This post, however, is not about my tattoo.... it's about a friend of mine.

She has a few tattoos that she's really happy with, but a couple that she's not. So she's having them surgically removed............ OUCH!!!

To quote her....

i started to remove one of two tattoos i want to go bye-bye
oh my god
it is about 974x as painful as getting the work done
this is serious pain people: serious
and it's nasty looking and apparently it can form
into one, big 'ol nasty blister!
oh my god - seriously the pain is unreal"

here are some photos of her very first (out of 8 to 10 visits!!!)

8-10 times of this!! Plus the insane cost! Anywhere from $150-$350 per session!!!!

You know the feeling you have when hot bacon grease splashes on you? Imagine that.... non-stop for 5-15 minutes.... and then constant pain for 2-5 days!

her advice:
"i love tattoos - really....but
go to a person that is personally recommended (the two i'm having removed were done by someone other than my regular guy. my regular guy tried to fix 'em but they never looked right)..."

Remember... the removal process is painful, expensive and time-consuming... think twice, maybe even 3x before getting that tattoo.

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Cozy said...

My husband has tattoos, 6 altogether that after 30 of so years aren't looking so good. Over time the colors fade and they get kind of fuzzy looking. He feels that the 2 on his lower arms have to be covered on the job to look professional. He has said many times he regrets getting them but wouldn't go to the expense or pain or removal. He just wishes he hadn't gotten them in the first place. I know there are others out there his age (50's)that think differently.

My point is consider them permanent and consider carefully.