Sunday, March 30, 2008


I've had a strange run-in with the number 111 today.... in my regular etsy shop ( I've sold 111 things... in my "supply" shop on etsy (,

I've sold 111 things. I went to buy from someone today ( and they've sold 111 things. I went to renew one of my listings (the man in the moon) and it had exactly 111 views.....I haven't checked my email in a day and a half...when I did check it today I had (come on!! take a guess!!!) YEP! 111 unread emails..... hmmmm.... think I should buy a lottery ticket??? or perhaps I should buy 111 of them!


Carol Emma said...

Oh, very, very cool!
Hmmmmm......I'm sure you were being sent important information! But how does one figure out what it means?
(btw: Lucky you! I think it will be 111 years before I have 111 sales in either of my shops!! :)

Terri Harper - Artist, Photographer said...

That definitely means something. Did you buy a lottery ticket and get lucky? I have a thing with 111 and 222 and other triple numbers, but 111 comes up the most. Mine show up on clocks, cell phones, land phone caller ID and anyplace that has a digital clock. It is uncanny how many times in a week I see a triple number and 111 is there at least once a week. I have tried buying the pick 3 with whatever triple number I've seen on that particular day but the closest I've come is 2 out of 3.