Sunday, February 24, 2008

Town names I find very interesting....

  • Earth, Texas
  • French Lick, Indiana
  • Frostproof, Florida
  •, Oregon
  • Hell, Michigan
  • Hot Coffee, Missouri
  • Hygiene, Colorado
  • Intercourse, Pennsylvania
  • Jot 'em Down, Texas
  • Knockemstiff, Ohio
  • Monkey's Eyebrow, Arizona
  • Nameless, Texas
  • Needmore, Texas
  • Nothing, Arizona
  • Notrees, Texas
  • Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico
  • Two Egg, Florida
  • Waterproof, Louisiana
  • Why, Arizona

1 comment:

Carol Emma said...

I've passed through Truth or Consequences, NM on my travels several times, but have managed to miss every other town on the list!
It would make for a fun road trip to go seek out each one! Let me know when you want to leave! LOL