Thursday, February 21, 2008

Choose your Jewelry based on your Face Shape!

We've all heard that you should choose your hairstyle and your eyeglasses based on your particular face shape for the most complimentary look.. But what about your jewelry? By simply choosing the right style of jewelry you can soften your look and balance out the overall appearance of your face.

Where to start....

What is your face shape? A quick (albeit messy) way is to pull back your hair in a tight ponytail or with a headband.

Covering one eye, using a fine eyeliner or lip liner, draw the out line of your face onto the mirror.

Now step back.... do you notice a particular shape?

Still not sure? Then has a simple test.
  • Measure the length of your face with a ruler.
  • Divide the total length by 3.
  • Measure the length from the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin.
  • If the last number is larger than the first number then chances are you have a long face.
  • If the last number is less than the first number than chances are you have a round face.
  • If the last number is equal to the first number than chances are you have an oval face
Now what?

Let's find the jewelry that best compliments that beautiful face! We'll choose the basic (and most common) four... oval, round, /square rectangle and heart-shaped.

Oval - lucky you! Basically, you can wear anything!

necklaces... anything from chokers to long chains - every style you can think of!

earrings... once again.. you can try everything, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Dangles and hoops look great if they're not too long - and perhaps something a little "wide" to minimize a thin face.

Round - Creating a 'slimmer' face would be the goal here.

necklaces... anything that draws the attention down.... long chains and long
necklaces that have a focus at the bottom. Stay away from chunky beads
or chokers.

earrings... simple, sleek, drop earring look incredible. Also try rectangles or long thin dangles.

Square/Rectangle - rectangle people want to add a little width and both squares and rectangles want to soften the jawline with curves or round shapes.

necklaces... stick with shorter and thicker necklaces…lots of chokers or chunky styles.

earrings... a good round, drop earring compliments a square face,

while a button style or shorter swirly earring looks best on a rectangular face.

Heart - the goal here would be to soften the sharp angle of the chin.

necklaces... chokers work great as well as double or triple layers of chains because it adds width around your neck.

earrings... the best look for a heart-shaped face is something that is wider at the bottom that will balance out that chin…something like a teardrop, upside down triangle, or a button would do this well.

Whether selecting jewelry for yourself or as a gift, the more you know, the more it will be enjoyed!

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letitiah said...

ooh, I think I must be somewhere between oval and round. This is neat; I never thought of it before! thanks for sharing!