Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leap DAY?

I've always thought it was Leap YEAR.... hmmmm.. but according to
"Leap Day is every fours years....almost. It's every four years except years ending with "00" that are not divisible by 400. The year in which this occurs, is called a Leap Year. "

They get into some fancy calculations that I'll spare you here... but if your birthday is February 29th (which 1 in 1461 are) Happy Birthday! You'll actually get to celebrate your birthday on your birthdate! And it's a Friday to boot!! Go have some BIG FUN!!!

PeppersPollywogs actually has ideas for leap year theme parties from the invitations right down to the kids activities!

It's a little late to plan it for this year I guess... but don't worry, you have four more years to plan!!

Even McDonalds is jumping on the bandwagon... Try McDonald's(R) new McSkillet(TM) Burrito for FREE on leap day! (Simply order a medium or large drink and you'll get a FREE Sausage McSkillet Burrito. )

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