Saturday, October 13, 2007

Something new!

I love to make jewelry... don't get me wrong... but for years I've wanted to work with metal. Maybe it's the years I worked in the metal finishing industry, but I love metal! I love the look and feel of the industrial world. At a recent show I met a fabulous local Cleveland sculptor, Jerry Schmidt, and he is teaching me how to weld, and grind, and create all sorts of wonderful things from metal!!! (here's a link to his site

Here's my first piece.... I'd LOVE to hear your comments... good AND bad (seriously! how will I ever learn if I don't get construstive criticism??)


Carol Emma said...

Oh Kim, how awesome!
Love the mix of circles, squares, spirals. Really good composition. How big is the piece? Will you be doing more? (Oh, I'm sure you will). Will you be selling them? (I'm sure you can)!
How exciting! You must be thrilled! Learning something new is always great, but the first-time results are not always as cool as this is!
Way to go, girl!

Carol Emma said...

Hi Kim...oh yea, now I see the little stand at the bottom. Bet you could sell these in shops. Thinkin' it would be better to see them in person than try to guess from a picture. But in any case, looks like great fun so just keep going!!!
And about the snow...oh yea!
This IS the Rocky Mountains. Copper Mountain (Photo #1) is at an elevation of 9700 feet!
Our first ski area opened last weekend and another is set to open this weekend.
I've moved downhill to 7000 feet after way too many years up there, but just got home from a trip up. I sell jewelry to a couple of shops in Summit County and go up about once a month. Hope to post some pictures this winter. The views are really spectacular!

Jessica Torrant said...

Oh there is no question, this is awesome! I want to see more (and I see I'm not alone). The composition is fantastic. I love the medium of metal and would love to someday try my hand at it. For now, I will come back to your blog and try to live vicariously through your creations!