Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The BEST diet!!

Granted, this weight-loss program won't shed pounds as quickly as plans more firmly rooted in that familiar diet-and-exercise mantra. But hey, there is that "fun factor" to consider. Instead of counting carbs or calories, this math involves kisses...
Published research indicates that each passionate kiss burns between 6 and 12 calories, depending on the level of enthusiasm," says Betty Goldblatt, RD, MPH, publisher and co-founder of Environmental Nutrition newsletter. That's close to what's consumed while jogging for one minute. At three kisses a day, every day, that amounts to burning 9,855 calories a year -- totaling about 3 pounds of weight loss.!

So... looking for a fun way to lose some excess pounds? I would suggest that instead of having a late-night snack that contributes to weight gain, maybe you substitute it with a late-night romp!

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Cathy said...

lol i love it!! great weight loss solution! hee hee