Friday, November 9, 2007

The Law of Abundance

Well tonight is a new moon and I just heard from a fellow Etsian, artgirlx, (who has FABULOUS work by-the-way).... about the Law of Abundance. I've looked it up and the way I understand it is that it's a 2000 year old ancient Chinese tradition to guarantee prosperity - adapted to modern methodology.
Here's what you do.....

  • We are to take a blank check.
  • Date it with the current date.
  • Make the check out to you - using your full legal name.
  • Leave the amount box & the amount line blank.
  • On the memo line write, "paid in full."
  • Sign the check, "Law of Abundance."
Then, keep the check in your purse or wallet at all times. This check will then bring you prosperity.
What the heck?? Can't hurt right? I just made out my check... I'll keep you posted on what happens... :)


Jus said...

this is a pretty cool law, actually. It has to do with the whole universal thing - karma is in there too. You can watch the movie, the Secret. It's kinda weird and cult-ish, but it is based on a very old finding about the Laws of Attraction.

Carol Emma said...

Hi Kim,
An alternative I've heard of...New Year's eve...fill in the amount with what you would like to earn in the next year...and be generous with yourself. Hang it in your studio where you will see it every day.
I once told a friend, "I just want to make enough to pay my bills" and he said, "Then that's all you will ever have". Good Point.
And yes, The Secret is good. I'd also suggest The Trick to Money is Having Some! by Stuart Wilde.
Of course, the law of abundance isn't JUST about money. But isn't it nice to have some!

Nixie said...

I've done this several times, and it always works. The day that I wrote the check, I found a $50 bill in my jeans while doing laundry(I NEVER carry bills larger than a $10). The next day, I got a $400 child support payment(first payment in years). The next week, a friend remember a debt to me and paid me $500(It had been so long I forgot about it myself). The key is to look at the check and think POSITIVE. Don't think about all the bills you have piling up, but think of the positive and happiness you will have when they're paid. AND!!!! -DON'T PUT A DATE ON THE CHECK BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO LIMIT THE TIME OF FULFILLMENT!- Good luck and stay positive!! :)

Mano said...


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