Tuesday, September 4, 2007

National Be Late for Something Day!

Well tomorrow (September 5th) is Be Late for Something Day! I tend to celebrate this holiday everyday! Be Late For Something Day is a great day to be a procrastinator. If you are among the millions of us who never seem to be able to stay on schedule, then you will certainly enjoy today.
Being late for something is a very common occurrence, and can be caused by a whole host of reasons. Some are intentional, some are not. Fall behind schedule early in the day, and you will be late for everything that follows. Doctors and lawyers are notoriously late for something....their appointment with you! It's proper to be "fashionably late" for parties. And if you are late for a party (perfect seque here..) bring the hostess a wonderful set of wine glass charms! You can find these on my Etsy shop at http://monaco.etsy.com/om/


Kat said...

I checked out your Etsy shop, you have some beautiful things :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly...I'm commenting as "anonymous" only because I don't have a blog...Yet...
I'm Carol (Highwood Studio) the gal you bought cards from on Etsy. Just wanted to let you know I read your blog regularly and it's really great!