Monday, January 5, 2009

going green

After reading many blogs about new year's resolutions I started to do a little looking around.... I don't believe in 'resolutions' just for the sake of making them because it's "that time of year"... but I have noticed that quite a few people I know have resolved to becoming more eco-friendly this year. YAY!

I have a friend who's the best recycler I know and it's begun to rub off a little on me too!

Check out this designer who has taken recycling to the next level! Studio Verissimo
"This is a lamp made from plastic spoons used in the coffee which are going to
the garbage daily by the thousands because they are only used once.The objective
was with this waste to create a luxurious lamp. "

How cool is this?!?! ...being 'green' doesn't have to mean simple, sparse furnishings... or having no sense of glamour...


Anonymous said...

Holy cow that's amazingly gorgeous.

I really need to wrap my head around how to be even more eco-concious.

Magriet said...

That's amazing.

I have also been thinking about going more green from here on. Now if only I can convince my hubby...

LMK1976 said...

I would be glad if the two people who left comments here took a look at my blog (is it tacky of me to post it here?!) as there are some entries that might help them!
Please see:

Hope it helps, encourages etc.!

lillyella, uniquely you said...

Happy New year - I tagged you!

lillyella, uniquely you said...

hmmm maybe Ill make one for my wedding! hahaha
its amazing!