Tuesday, December 9, 2008

is this a great idea or what?

this amazing design company brandimage has come up with a fabulous idea!! Instead of polluting our world with more of those annoying plastic bottles ...

did you know that every single day, Americans throw out 60 million of those
little plastic bottles!!!! 86% of which do not get recycled -

that is 51,600,000 bottles!!!!

... this team has come up with a very do-able solution. I'm just in awe! I'm also in awe of the other design work they do... check them out here.

Click on the photo to see it better and read more! (or click here)


JuliaA said...

that's amazing! i've never heard of something like that.

i use a reusable water bottle most of the time, but i still end up with too many of those plastic bottles, and you're not supposed to reuse them.

LMK1976 said...

OK - this is a total sales gimmick (you know me...little miss "green"!) this is not the answe to the plastic bottle issue! The key is to use a re-usable/permanent water bottle. These "paper bottles" still use resources unnecessarily (considering we need paper for other products wasting these resources on water bottles is not good). Also - please note that these are "fully recyclable"...so are plastic bottles and those aren't being appropriately recycled!
This site makes like it's all warm/fuzzy/green (who cares if they're made from recycled products if they're still wasteful?) and they're not.
Are they better than plastic water bottles? Sure...but it's just another random company trying to make a buck.
The responsible choice is a re-usable/permanent water bottle (BPA free of course!).