Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A to Z favorites... U

Useful Books.... each and every book has been joyfully handcrafted from start to finish by Cindy Leaders of Toccoa, Georgia.

"These books beg to be used. Their greatest hope and desire, like the Velveteen Rabbit, is to be loved into well-worn keepsakes. "

Most of the folios are ripped by hand so pages start out with the comfortable look and feel of a deckled edge.

She makes 'reinvented' journals out of wonderful old books - perhaps she could turn your favorite childhood book into a journal! I'd love to have a Harold and the Purple Crayon journal - wouldn't you? or maybe Goodnight Moon... hmmm...

I think my favorite journals Cindy makes are the ones I've shown here... made from and actual Whole Foods grocery bag!
find it (and all her Useful Books here)

Usona Home Furnishings.... I'm totally in love with this store!!!

Usonahome.com..... of course, nothing has prices.... and you know what that means... but how cool is this shop!?!?!?!

Upholstered Coffee Table
Upholstered low table with castors. Wood frame with removable fabric.

... Isn't this fabulous??? find it here

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I love this blog... I should add it to my "blog roll" which hasn't been updated in quite some time...

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