Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ramblings from the Mind of Monaco

Welcome to my corner of the World Wide Web!
Hi! My name is Kim Monaco and my blog will mostly focus on my creative endeavors and I would love to meet others who enjoy being creative as well-- so say hello whenever you like!
I hope that this blog ends up being more than me just talking to myself!

I will take the liberty of interjecting my personal life from time to time.... For instance - I recently became the proud grandmother of a beautiful baby boy - Carter. He is so precious and I am lucky enough to live just a mile away - so I can see him often.

I create jewelry (for your ears, neck, wrists, books, keys and walls!) and have committed myself to working on this full-time. I LOVE making it and have a shop on the internet on this FABULOUS site called Etsy. My Etsy address is - take a look!


Krazy Kate Designs said...

You have a precious grandbaby! I have a new grandson too and am also a new blogger. I started out planning on blogging about myself and Etsy and quickly bored myself. :) I'm featuring other Etsy artists for a bit now. You have a great blog!

Kimberly Monaco said...

thanks for the comment! I checked out your blog too! Very cool... congrats on your grandbaby as well!